Red Carpet Ideas for Your Grammy Party


The most important night in music each year is the night of the Grammy’s, and any music fan will be glued to the television to watch the special event. But for the music fan extraordinaire, there would be nothing cooler than throwing a Grammy Party the night of the big event, February 10.

Remember, your Grammy Party doesn’t necessarily have to fall on the night of the Grammy’s. These ideas are also perfect for a “Gold at the Grammy’s” birthday or anniversary party for a musician in your life!

Here are some red carpet ideas for your Grammy Party.

Pre-Party Planning

To really get people psyched about your big Grammy party, send out some invitations in the mail. Since the Grammy’s aren’t just about music, but also about glitz and glam, find some invitations that really sparkle. Specify the dress code for the party- will it be casual, or should your guests prepare to walk the red carpet in fancy clothes? Give all the details on your invitations.

Red Carpet Ready

You can’t have a Grammy Party without a red carpet. Your guests should feel like music royalty when they arrive at your party. Roll out the red carpet, use ropes to hold back the paparazzi, and even spring for a red carpet personalized standee.

10szhlwpzpPaparazzi Insanity

The red carpet and the paparazzi go hand-in-hand. Maybe some of your guests will want to play the part of the paparazzi. If so, have them bring their cameras and flash away as the rest of the guests arrive. If not, you can always get a paparazzi standee to act as the camera-flashing mobsters.

Stars of the Party

Don’t let the singers and songwriters on the television screen hog all the attention at your Grammy Party. Make sure your guests have RSVP’d so you can write their names on Hollywood Sidewalk Stars. Since the real music stars can’t attend your party, place gold stars all over your home.

Make Some Music

A silent red carpet walk is a dull red carpet walk. Be sure you play some music as the guests arrive and wait for the start of the Grammy’s. Don’t play just any music, download some of the songs that are nominated for Grammy’s to get your guests pumped about the awards.

There are lots and lots of Hollywood decorations out there that will make your Grammy Party come to life. Don’t be afraid to go all out – your music-loving friends will thank you for it!

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