Games to Play at a Super Bowl Party

12SZNAL617It’s the biggest game of the year and you’ve got a house full of guests. You’ve got Super Bowl XLVII decorations all over and a spread of wings, pizza, dips and sweets that will assure everyone leaves with a full tummy.

But face it, not everyone at a Super Bowl party cares about the football game, and sometimes the game is just plain boring. You simply cannot have a party for the big game without playing some games of your own.

Here are some of our favorites:

Cornhole Competition

Set up some cornhole boards in the garage or outside, if the weather is nice. Party guests will love the competition. Set up a tournament and maybe even name the teams after NFL teams. If there’s an artist in the family, have someone paint the boards with the teams in the Super Bowl.

Board Game Bonanza

The stores are lined with rows and rows of board games. Grab some of your favorites and have plenty of options for your party guests. Monopoly, Sorry, or even Twister can make for great party games.

Big Game Bingo

This game can be played while watching the Super Bowl. Have guests fill out their own Bingo cards with words like:

  • touchdown
  • field goal
  • safety
  • sack
  • offsides
  • interception
  • timeout

Come up with a large list of football terms, and the first time one of them happens, players mark their Bingo cards. This is a good way to play a game and watch the game at the same time!

Guess the Game

Everyone is already in a competitive mood, test their predicting skills and have guests guess what will happen in the game. Make sure everyone has their paper filled out with their answers before the game begins.

Some ideas of what guests can predict:

  • halftime score
  • final score
  • rushing yards
  • receiving yards
  • MVP

drinkathlonDrink Up

If your crowd is 21 and older, and the drinks are one of your favorite things about Super Bowl Sunday, consider getting the Drinkathlon to see what your guests are made of. The keg-shaped tin contains eight shot glasses, four mini hockey pucks, one mini football, one die, one ping-pong ball and one super ball. Perfect for 4-20 players, your guests might get so wrapped up in these games that they forget there’s even a game on TV!

If you truly appreciate all your guests, consider sending them home with some small favors just for attending your party. That way they’ll never forget what a great time they had, and they’ll be back next year for more football, games and fun!

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