Host a Sherlock Holmes Birthday & Decorate with CLUE Supplies


The game’s afoot! Sherlock is making a cultural comeback thanks to the popular movies and BBC series. For your mystery-loving friend or loved one, a Sherlock theme party is sure to be a hit! There are plenty of ways you can add a little mystery to your birthday party or big event, using Shindigz CLUE decorations and these fun party tips.

Mystery Decorations

Set the scene for a night of mystery using our Clue decorations or other Game Decorations. Set the scene with gossamer or other backdrops in grey and brown, reminiscent of the famous sleuth’s tweed. Then, add themed décor such as our Clue game board standee for awesome photo-ops or a big entrance.  The candlestick standee is another clever option. Our Clue personalized banner is a great way to announce the theme of the mystery or wish the guest of honor a happy birthday.  The Clue decorations are fun for small parties or big events. Think how fun a mystery themed dance or banquet could be!

Incorporate figures from famous mysteries into your event decor by hanging portraits of Sherlock, Miss Scarlet, Col. Mustard, and other sleuths or suspects around your party in inexpensive frames. You can also create an old mansion feel by using Halloween decorations. In the off-season this can be an especially affordable approach. Use cobwebs, spooky lights, or a fog machine. There’s lots of fog in Sherlock stories. Add to the setting by creating tables you might find in an old, haunted mansion. Set the table with black and white tableware and top it off with one of our candelabra centerpieces.

clue_personalized_framesMystery Activities
The center point of your Sherlock party is the mystery of course! Choose from the wide range of mystery dinner scripts available on the web, or create your own mystery. While mystery dinners are appropriate for adult dinner parties, there are also ways to have a more free-form mystery party for kids or adults. For example, set up an assortment of mystery games around the party. Use mind-benders, word games, and story puzzles to sharpen guests minds or set up actual mystery games such as Clue or Guilty Party for guests to play together.

Mystery Favors
Create fun mystery favors for guests to remember your Sherlock party by. Personalize gift bags with our Clue Personalized stickers and fill them with affordable puzzles such as crosswords, sudoku, or the classic One Minute Mystery books. Shindigz also has a fun assortment of Clue themed favors to choose from. Use our Clue personalized frames to send out with your thank-yous by including a favorite photo from the night. Our Clue personalized candy bars are also sure to be a hit. If you’re having a mystery dinner, you can even use the candy bars as placecard holders. Don’t forget to give guests toy magnifying glasses too!

For your Sherlock Party or Mystery Event, get creative. There are plenty of ways you can add some intrigue to your birthday or other special occasion. What are your ideas?

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