Transform your Great Room into New Years in France


You could be just like everyone else to ring in the New Year. But why settle for the usual? Transform your great room into New Years in France! Wow your friends and neighbors by throwing anything but an ordinary New Year’s party to ring in 2013.

Prepare for Paris

One of the best ways to transform a place is using gossamer. Use black gossamer to disguise your great room. Wrap around walls and furniture you won’t be using to make your room look a little less like a great room and more like Paris at night.  Decide what your guests will be doing for the majority of the evening- will they be dancing? Playing games? Watching television? This will have an impact on how you will arrange your room. Be sure to plan ahead of time so you know how things should be arranged.

Eiffel Tower Envy

The most recognizable symbol from France is the towering, gorgeous Eiffel Tower. This is a 2s026bmust-have for your party. One option is an Eiffel Tower Wall Graphic. The removable wall graphic is seven-feet tall and is perfect for a great room. If you don’t want something on the walls and are looking for a three-dimensional Eiffel Tower, check out the Lighted Eiffel Tower. This decoration is a towering 12-feet tall and is surrounded in twinkle lights! It will be the perfect focal point of the great room at your party.

Don’t stop at one, eye-catching Eiffel Tower. Use mini towers all over the room. The Eiffel Tower Tea Light Holder will add a romantic touch to your party. Place on the coffee table or book case for a nice, dim glow. If you like, print out some of your favorite online photos of the Eiffel Tower and scatter them around the room. They will make for a great conversation piece.

The City of Light

If Paris is the City of Light, lighting is going to be an important part of transforming your great room. At the very least, you should line the room with small white lights. Another great idea is to use the La Tour Mini Lamp Posts to light the room and/or walkway to the room. These stunning lights are 2-1/2 feet high and if your room is dimly lit, will help party goers see where they are walking.

Magical Music

While you’ll surely have the television on for the big Times Square ball drop, something else will have to fill the space before and after. Play some French music to set the mood. If it’s not something you want to pay for, check your local library for CDs with French music. Also, many television packages include music channels. Check and see if yours offers a French channel.

Do your internet research for other ways you can transform your great room into New Years in France. It might not be as exciting as the real thing, but with the right decorations and atmosphere, you can create a spectacular night in France in your very own home.

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