Invite Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head to Your Anniversary

Everyone remembers having or playing with a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head in the adventure-filled years of childhood. Toy Story made this vegetable couple even more famous. What makes these two Potato Heads so recognizable is because of their relationship. You can’t have one without the other because when they’re together, they make for some hilarious scenes (in the Toy Story franchise). Have these two delightful characters at your next anniversary.

Potato Game Night

Mr. Potato Head Standee
Mr. Potato Head Standee

Make your anniversary into a game night! Hosted by none other than Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, your guests can enjoy the finest games Hasbro has to offer. With games like Monopoly, Twister, and Clue, your guests will be entertained for hours with the games that have been family favorites for years. Mix things up a bit by adding some casino-type games into the pot! Blackjack and Roulette are casino favorites.

Potato Picnic

Anniversaries are all about you and your loved one. If you two are looking for a quiet afternoon all to yourselves, try having a Potato Head picnic! The unity of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and their dedication to one another will remind you two of your unity and dedication to a faithful marriage for years to come. Plan a simple lunch of turkey and cheese sandwich on paper plates with some vegetables and sweet tea to drink. Make sure you have a tablecloth to put the veggies on!

Potato Party

Mrs. Potato Head Standee
Mrs. Potato Head Standee

If you just want to spend time with the family, sitting around in a circle telling stories of marital blunders or successes, a Potato Head party is just the thing for you. Hang out with your friends and family at any location of your choosing (a restaurant, a rented space, or simply your own home) surrounded by Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, creating fond memories.

So whether you’re planning a large party for all your friends and family to share this anniversary with you or you just want a quiet afternoon to yourselves, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head can make a great addition to any of your plans.

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