Sound and Motion Mesmerize Holiday Party Guests

The holidays are a great time for charitable organizations to raise money for a good cause and help out those in need. Whether you’re raising funds to help those less fortunate, battling medical conditions, or you just want to bring a little extra holiday spirit to a local nursing home, this year, rather than the traditional – ask em’ to open up their pocketbook theme – host an evening that will be sure to entertain and let your giving guests have a little unique fun while supporting your mission.

After you set a date for your event and book the necessary vendors and venues to host your evening, get the word out. Charitable organizations often reap benefits in making their vision a reality. There are a lot of opportunities to advertise for free or reduced costs. Have a member of your committee send out a Public Service Announcement (PSA) – radio and news stations will often advertise for non-profit organizations freely, even if only on their Web site. Press Releases are another option for spreading the word without incurring a cost.

Gangster Fundraising Gala

Host a Gangster Fundraising Gala

Invite all of the townspeople to your Gangster Gala for a night of dance till you drop fun. Recreate the iconic 1920’s and 30’s era adorned with the knee-high bedazzled dresses, long, string bead necklaces, feather boas, top hats, pinstriped suits, and long cigars in a fingertip holder. Inform your guests to come dressed in their best gangster get-up. To make the night come true, decorate your dance hall with a Gangster Gala themed backdrop distinct with a roaring 20’s building, hotel, jazz building, police and gangster cars, and street-side lamppost. Your guests will dance the night away. And to make it a little fun, add a twist with a non-stop dance until you can’t dance anymore theme. The last dancing gangster mob couple standing will win.

Host a night of romance under the stars

The After After Prom
Give a teen in need, who might not otherwise get to experience the essential high school Prom event, a donated prom dress, and a chance to experience their once-in-a-lifetime event. At the same time, couples can share in the sentimental nostalgia of your high school days all over again. Invite couples to share in your adult themed After Prom. Adults can purchase a formal dress (or re-purpose a formal dress – a bridesmaid dress they wore in their friend’s wedding, their old prom dress, etc – wear it for an evening In the Depths Forever. Decorate your venue with a romantic aquatic theme furnished with the beauty of coral reef, dolphins, a ship, a school of fish and more. Dress up your dance floor with a beautiful Bermuda blue gossamer, fish netting, and white tulle. At the end of the magic-making evening, the dresses can be donated to local high school students in need. Make it an annual event. It’s a great way for couples to rekindle the flame and pass good spirit forward.

Dinner and All That Jazz

Host a dinner and dance for couples in love and support a good cause at the same time.

Host an evening for couples to enjoy a dinner and dance. Rent a fun, upbeat and modern venue to host a night for couples to share in an evening of romance. Most venues have catering available and can offer a menu tailored to your choice. The nice thing about that is they will also offer full service – including, silverware, plates, linens, and catering staff. Hire a jazz ensemble to join you for the evening to play soft, classic music throughout the evening. Decorate your venue with an All That Jazz décor. Line your tables and chairs with feather boas. Place candles around the room and create a dimly lit, candlelight ambiance. Make it a formal event and couples everywhere will join you in a night to remember. Couples will share in their love for one another and share in supporting your cause at the same time.

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