Decorate for a Twilight, Vampire Happy Hour

Celebrate the release of the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, with a Twilight vampire happy hour get-together.

Twilight Themes
There are many ways to express a Twilight mood, mainly because the Twilight saga is rife with symbolism. Roses, apples, wolves and the colors red and white are examples. You might also want to capture the look of the movie posters with their dark colors. Products from Vampire Party Supplies with the Into the Night and Glampire Bash designs, as well as Twilight-themed props, are worth a look if you want to take this path.

One direction we don’t see very often is to capture the forest imagery that is so prominent in the Twilight stories. For this, we favor taking up a wall with a Misty Woods photo background and using Enchanted Forest theme party supplies, which feature a design in a muted green and brown that is both attractive and subtly romantic.

What’s really nice about Enchanted Forest is the range of products with this design, including invitations and banners you can customize.

Night of Dreams Snifter

Twilight Tableware
Keep your happy hour simple with chocolate brown table covers, 7-inch plates and napkins solid color tableware. You can accessorize with Enchanted Forest party tableware such as coasters and bottle labels, and glassware that can be imprinted with a rose or wolf motif.

If you’d like to present guests with a keepsake of your happy hour, our glass jigger glass candle holders can light up the room and then go home with your guests – ditto with cocktail glasses of any sort.

By the way, we’ve recently expanded our collection to include more unimprinted glassware options, including flutes and martini glasses, so if you’ve been looking to expand your host(ess) inventory, now’s a good time to stock up!

Bonus: Vampire Kiss
What would a Twilight Vampire happy hour be without a signature cocktail? Here’s a super-simple concoction, inspired by a recipe at called a Vampire Kiss, which is a cross between a champagne cocktail and a martini.

What you need: Raspberry liqueur, vodka, and Champagne. (Because this drink is so simple, you’ll want to buy the best quality liquors you can afford.) Suggested garnishes are blood orange slices or fresh raspberries.

What to do: Layer one part raspberry liquer, one part vodka and one part Champagne into a fluted glass or martini glass for each serving. Garnish as desired.

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