Who Killed the Turkey? It’s Your Family’s Clue Game Holiday

Looking for ways to unplug during Thanksgiving weekend? Pull out a classic family board game and make it yours as never before.

Customize the Game
Already a family favorite, Clue can be customized to include family-centric plots, inside jokes and Thanksgiving themes. Where there’s a “lull” on Thanksgiving itself (especially if you have bored pre-teens!) put people to work on:

  • Re-labeling rooms on the game board to match those in your home using small sticky notes

  • Replacing game cards to change names of characters and weapons

Alternatively, young game-changers could create and test a whole new game board – here’s some help.

There are two goals. One is to personalize the new Clue to the family members who are spending time together on Thanksgiving weekend. The other is to make the game Thanksgiving-funny. Here are a few examples:

  • One of the rooms in the new game is the dog’s house

  • Characters Peacock, Plum and Green become Turkey, Pilgrim and Gravy

  • Murder weapons such as pipe and dagger become pie lifters and ladles

Create a Game Space
No matter the degree of Clue customization – or none at all – a nice game space is all the more inviting. If you already have a game room, that’s great. If not, try to designate an area of the house that can function as one for the whole weekend without being dismantled, so the family can keep coming back to it.

Sometimes space and seating can become scarce, especially when extended family and the kids’ friends come visiting, so try to be open to novel approaches such as setting up camp furniture in the garage.

Cozy up the game space with Thanksgiving party supplies such as a table cover, pumpkin paper lanterns and leaf cutouts, and put up a Paste Your Face turkey standee for taking photographs of game winners and “victims” for a silly keepsake of a family gathering they’ll remember for years.

When using other rooms in the house to search for clues, be sure to designate them in advance, and label the doorways wherever necessary.

Other Ways to Get a Clue
Perhaps you’ll be keeping to the old-fashioned way to play Clue, and/or planning a screening of the movie during Thanksgiving weekend, and/or you just like the look! In those cases we recommend checking out the Clue-themed game decorations and favors in our Game Night collection for adding just the right touches to your Thanksgiving Clue game holiday.

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