Winter Classroom Decorating Ideas

Turn a classroom into a winter wonderland with products that give good value for your time and money.

A Frosty Change of Scenery
You can instantly change the look and feel of the classroom by covering walls with winter background materials. We emphasize wall decorations because we know that floor space is often precious — plus you can enjoy plenty of options in this category.

Background illustrations transport the imagination to snowy city or country settings. You can get them on cardboard, mural paper or vinyl, and there are sizing choices, too.

Room Setters give you 4’ tall wintry repeating pattern on a 48’ roll, kind of like wallpaper except the light plastic material is much, much easier to cut and hang. Winter Wonderland, shown above right, is a Room Setter that portrays a snowy forest scene. Arrange and attach Snowmen Scene Setter add-ons and students’ cut paper snowflakes to Winter Wonderland.

Floral sheeting, long a staple material of parade floats, has now become a background material of choice for sophisticated displays. Use iridescent, white or light blue floral sheeting as a backdrop for bulletin board displays, classroom plays and photography projects.

A Variety of Let-it-Snow Options
Play out winter themes on doors, windows and elsewhere in the classroom.

Winter banners, such as the vertical Snowman banner at left, combine an illustration with your own cheerful message on a tough vinyl that you can reuse for years. Hang one on the door to greet the children.

Cut snow blanket to fit bulletin boards, window sills and the tops of book cases as foundations for winter displays.

Visit winter hanging decorations for a veritable blizzard of snowflake decorations for walls, windows and ceilings.

A Setting for Whimsical Winter Student Displays
Attach the above-mentioned floral sheeting (perhaps this time in green) to different sizes of Styrofoam cones to create an instant forest of pine trees. Use them to “plant” a tree line along the back edge of a piece of snow blanket trimmed to fit the top of a table or shelf and place students’ craft creations at the front of the display.

Our party crafts supplies include craft sets as well as basic materials such as bells and beads. Populate the winter forest display with students’ foam snowmen or pipe cleaner rabbits and deer.

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