Centerpieces – Themes, Styles and Ideas

What are you looking for in a party centerpiece for your next event? Whether you seek a crafty challenge or the ready-made, we’ve got a few suggestions for ways to think about table decorations as centers of attention.

Themed Centerpieces for Instant Gratification
Consider your budget and expected use when considering the materials you want in theme centerpieces. For example, honeycomb tissue centerpieces are quite portable, usually fairly informal, quick to set up and they can cover lots of tables for little cost. Also, you can use them for class parties and other children’s parties since there’s no great harm done if they should be handled by adventurous youngsters.

Sparkle (spray) and cascade centerpieces can liven up Casino Night and Mardi Gras dances and fundraisers. Port them in their packaging for a minimum of fuss.

Metal theme centerpieces, such as our Arabian Nights, Eiffel Tower or Celestial Wonders centerpieces can help you deck out formal dances and special occasions such as winter graduations and themed bridal showers, or whenever you want to offer event centerpieces as door prizes.

Seasonal tip: Top red or white table covers with dandy Patriotic Top Hat honeycomb tissue centerpieces for post-election parties and Veterans Day events.

Centerpieces Awaiting Your Customization
We’ve mentioned party centerpieces as door prizes, but there are other ways for them to perform “double duty.” One way is to use centerpieces as part of your lighting scheme. Tea lights, small lamps or LED lighting decorations placed in the center of the table can help you infuse an event lighting scheme with a bit of romance.

Many options are not just “double duty” but re-usable too. If you’re a frequent party planner, keep on the lookout for centerpieces and components that can be dressed different ways for various events. Bird cages and simple, elegant candelabras such as our Candle Tree can be embellished (or not) and reused party after party; components such as hurricane vases, small mirrors and silk flowers can be assembled in any number of ways.

Seasonal tip: Prevent being haunted by Halloween party planning left undone! Kill two ravens with one stone by selecting a cute Haunted House or Pumpkin Patch favor box centerpiece today.

Bringing New Centerpiece Ideas to the Table
Imagine: An ordinary can of soda has become a balloon weight, but nobody’s the wiser because the party planner covered it in a cylinder of corrugated paper or a soft wrapping of gossamer…Personalized stadium cups and bits of florists’ foam have been transformed into “flower pots” ready to receive “plantings” of chocolate or swirl lollipops sporting the party theme.

Yes, when it comes to centerpieces, Shindigz is ready with a selection of background materials and other items fit for the creative do-it-yourselfer. Here’s a quick video for how to use Deco Beads in centerpiece creations.

Seasonal tip: Shop cupcake supplies to invest in a Sweet Server cupcake stand as a centerpiece option for fall and holiday events this year, and for easy-peasy cupcake decorating.

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