Decorate for a Sweet 16 Candy Land Themed Party

Does your daughter want to show just how sweet she is at her Sweet 16? Host a Candy Land Themed Birthday Party and let your sweet theme treat her to a special day.

The Land of Candy

Imagine the joy on the faces of your daughter’s guests when they enter your Candyland! Have them follow the sweet lollipop walkway to the double-dipped chocolate door. They’ll have to pass the gumdrop standees and cupcake standee candy standees first. Their mouth will water when they fantasize of all the sweet surprises they’ll find at the end of their lollipop hop down the lollipop path with a sweet lollipop set. But don’t end their magical journey just yet. Show them the way to the castle with the gumball path. When they arrive at the castle, nothing could be a better way to finish off their fantasy of fun than with a candy buffet filled with dessert lollipops, chunky chocolate bars, jelly belly beans, and gooey gummies. Embellish your colorful candy buffet with a hot pink plastic table cover filled with sweet cupcake napkins, colorful cupcake plates, gumdrop dot cups, and favor boxes. Your Candy Land party will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth and of course, your sweet daughter!

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  • Checkout their Game night theme – not sure if your son had a favorite board game as a child but that could be a fun theme – twister, battleship, monopoly – looks like they have it all.

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