Adult-Only Themes for Birthday Party Fun

Planning parties for the kids is fun, but hosting a party just for you can be even better. These adult-only birthday party ideas are worth hiring a babysitter for!

Choose a Theme
A birthday party theme is a fun way to celebrate a special interest for you or the birthday person. Our adult birthday party supplies feature tableware kits, banners, and other decorations in a variety of patterns and themes to make decorating quick and easy. You can also design your own party based on one of our theme parties. A Madison Avenue theme is perfect for Mad Men fans while our Mustache theme is fun for both men and women. Have guests draw fingerstaches on their index fingers for hilarious photo-ops.

Gather guests with adult birthday invitations that announce your theme party and any tips for dress or accessories to make the theme work (i.e. retro clothes, hats, dancing shoes, etc.). We stock custom invitations and birthday photo cards for a totally personalized touch. Save a couple invitations to use as party table decorations.

Celebrate a milestone birthday with decorations that celebrate the big age. We have 30th, 40th, and 50th birthday balloons, banners, and favors to celebrate another year older and better.

Happy Birthday Happy Hour
One benefit of an adults-only party is the cocktail hour. Host a Happy Birthday Hour using cocktail party supplies. For a memorable birthday keepsake, create personalized martini glasses with your birthday party information (date, theme, name) and a logo. Guests can use the favor at the part and at home! Custom glassware, personalized bottle labels, and colorful catering supplies can also dress up your bar. Plus, we stock an assortment of drinking games to make the party more active.

Create a spread of dips, finger foods, and baked goods to accompany your beverages. Serve the party foods on tableware from the kits mentioned above, or choose from our party supplies by color store to find a color scheme to fit the birthday person’s favorite colors. For adult birthday parties, classic color schemes such as black and white or black and red work great. You can also mix things up with multiple shades of blue or green, light purple and navy, or shiny metallic tableware. Colorful tableware is a simple way to elevate your party style.

Don’t forget to designate drivers and collect guests’ keys if you’re going to be drinking. If you really want to go all out, hire a taxi service to take guests home.

Party Favors—Gifts for All
Thank guests for participating in your birthday fun with party favors! Our adult novelty party favors (pictured above) are especially fun for milestone birthday parties. Choose personalized party favors to celebrate your theme birthday. Our huge selection of personalized favors—ranging from drinkware to lip gloss to poker chips and card cases—is sure to feature a custom favor to fit your budget. Or, choose from our selection of adult birthday swag bags that you can customize for your event by adding theme favors or your own personal touches such as baked goods or local goods.

Check out our other birthday party tips for food, game, and theme ideas to fit a celebration perfect for your birthday or the birthday of a loved one. Tell us your adults-only birthday ideas in the comments section!

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