Sure-Fire Generation Y Party Themes

Generation Y is an individualistic, independent, and proud generation.  A big focus has been put not only on individuality, but also on returning to a greener way of living.  Many members of Generation Y either have served or are currently serving in the military.  Knowing those details about Generation Y are going to be the catalysts to throwing a perfect party for your Generation Y friends.

Tattoo Party Shows Individualism

Many members of Generation Y have at least one tattoo.  Recently, tattoos have been carefully designed, chosen, and created with care, as more often than not, they become symbols of an important event or important part of someone’s life.  Many times, they’re more than simply body art; they’re representation of something important to the person with the tattoo.  This has recently become a fun party theme because the art of tattoos is so entirely unique and interesting to look at.

Throw a tattoo party for your friend to celebrate your individuality as well as your creativity!  With a variety of backdrops and standees, you’ll find quite a few things that will make your party stand out in your friends’ memories.  You can give out temporary tattoos or tattoo sleeves to your friends for a fun party favor, too!

A Green Party for a Green Generation

Members of Generation Y have been the environmentally conscious citizens for many years.  They grew up recycling and watching as their parks and forests get destroyed to make room for more houses and various other buildings.  Because of that, they’ve been a part of the huge “going green” movement in recent years.  Stick true to your generation’s ideals and throw a green party with eco-friendly tableware!  Gather your friends together and plan a picnic so you can all return to your childhood and enjoy a park or enjoy the shade of a big group trees one more time.

Patriotism Runs Through Generation Y

Because so many member of Generation Y have served or are serving in the military, patriotism is something that runs strong through their veins.  Because so many members of the generation have risked their lives and given their all to protect the country, what better way to thank your friends than with a patriotic party?  Throw a barbecue in your backyard, have your civilian friends bring a dish each, and give a big thank-you to those in your group of friends who serve or have served in the military.  If you make it spontaneous, your military friends won’t be expecting it and your civilian friends will love the idea.  As a final touch, bake an American Flag cake to bring out at the end of the party.

Generation Y represents much more than tattooed, green, ecologically-friendly patriots.  However, those are three ideals important to the generation.  Even if you’re not a member of Generation Y, throwing a Gen-Y party is a sure-fire way to get to know the next generation.

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