September Party Ideas

Finally!  The weather’s cooling down, the leaves are changing colors, and the season is turning from summer to fall!  That must mean it’s time for a fall party!  Gather your friends and family to go on the hunt for some fun fall party decorations and get ready to have fun!

Fall Party                        

Fall means warmer clothing, apples, pumpkins, hayrides, and bonfires.  Start your fall party off right with an evening cookout.  Add a twist to it for any kids in your group of party-goers: if you have a fire pit, let the kids help roast hot dogs and (at the end of the night) roast marshmallows for s’mores!  Even if you don’t have a fire pit, you can prepare hamburgers, hot dogs, and even s’mores in your kitchen!  The easiest trick for s’mores is to buy a jar of marshmallow fluff, spread it on a graham cracker, top it with a piece of chocolate and another graham cracker, and either serve as-is or place it in a warm (not hot) oven for a few seconds.  The best parts of a fall party are all the fun fall treats!  In addition to the s’mores, you also have the perfect reason to make candied apples, caramel apples, and buy candy corn and apple cider!

Decorations for a fall party are super easy to put together.  If you’re having the party in your backyard, find a few bales of hay to use as seats.  If you’re having an indoor party, toss some tissue leaves around the party room and make sure each table has a centerpiece as well as some confetti decorating it. Add a cornstalk and you’re set! Suggest that your guest wear warm clothes, especially if you’re planning an outdoor evening party.  Even in early September, the evenings and nights can get chilly quickly.

Western Party

In keeping with the “fall” theme, why not throw a country or western party?  Your guests can put on a display of fall flannel shirts when they arrive at your party.  You can hand out cowboy hats and sheriffs’ badges for fun, too.  Or you could just wear them yourself.

Decorating for a western party will be fun and simple.  You can definitely use the hay bales for a western party, but you can also add a few cutouts of horseshoes and a few wanted posters around the party space to help set the tone of the party.  You could even get a cardboard O K Corral standee and let your guests have fun with it—take a few pictures so you and your guests have keepsakes from the party.

Whether you have a fall-themed party or a western party, welcoming September with your friends and family should be a fun, festive event.  Remember to prepare fun, fall-themed snacks and drinks so your guests can get into the spirit of the season!  But more importantly, remember to enjoy the party relax with your friends.

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  • Vacation Recap Party- Have your vacation pictures made into a slideshow video that everyone can watch on TV. Use the location of your vacation as the decorating theme. For example, if your vacation was in Hawaii, you can decorate using a tropical theme. Or, a Las Vegas vacation would inspire a casino theme. Select your favorite music for the video, to create a fun mood. Your family and friends will love it!

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