Cute Play Date Parties for Ages 6 Months to 18 months

Planning play date parties is one of those fun challenges facing new mommies.  Whether you’re a new mother or an expectant mother, why not jump-start your party planning?  Even if you’re expecting and you don’t know whether to plan baby girl play dates or baby boy play dates, you can still plan a fun party that will work for either gender.

Cute Play Date Parties for Boys

Boys tend to grow up with a fascination with destruction and construction, so a great theme for your little man is a construction theme!  With an easy theme like this, you’ll be able to find plates and napkins quickly.  Now you can turn your attention to the “play” part of the play date party and plan a few games that will help the parents help their babies to learn new things.  This could include anything from “pattycake” to early counting and alphabet.

Another cute play date idea for baby boys is a monster truck theme.  This play date party idea would be great for daddy and son days!  It’s a party theme that you could carry through your baby’s younger years all the way to high school, a chance for your son and his dad to bond over the years.

Cute Play Date Parties for Girls

For some reason, play dates seem easier to plan for little girls than for little boys.  For a little girl’s play dates, you have choices from ballerinas to ladybugs Both could also involve a game of dress-up for the mommies to get involved in.  Treat bags and favor boxes are a must for little girls, so why not use a table centerpiece made up of favor boxes?

Boy and Girl Play Date Parties

These are probably the easiest play date parties to plan.  One of the most popular themes for a play date party that both boys and girls can attend is a farm theme.  Boys and girls can learn about farm animals!  If your party includes a naptime, mommies can relax with the babies and help them count sheep while they drift off to sleep.

Another popular theme is a circus theme.  The bright colors used in circus party decorations will stimulate your children and keep their attention, as will the variety of fun party favors and toys they can play with.

Play date parties are meant to be not only fun, but also educational.  By choosing a theme and planning your play date parties early, you’ll be able to plan a few games that will help your children get a head-start learning new things.

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