Shindigz Summer Games: Puppy Chow Eating Contest

What creative do-it-yourself game did the folks at Shindigz come up with for today’s event in the Race to the Golden Dog Bone? Party Hosts participated in a Puppy Chow Eating Contest. Shindigz provided a tasty batch of peanut butter and chocolate Puppy Chow for each of the six participating teams. Each person raced to eat the puppy chow as fast as possible while keeping their hands behind their back at all times. To keep with the dog theme, Party Hosts ate their puppy chow out of dog bowls. It was a close race, but the Hot Dawgz came out on top.

Puppy Chow Eating Contest Results:
1st Place: the Hot Dawgz
2nd Place: Snoop Doggy Dogz
3rd Place: Party Pooches

The last event of the summer games is an obstacle course in the Shindigz Lawn tomorrow morning with 40 points at stake!Watch for our Shindigz Summer Games updates as The Race for the Golden Dog Bone concludes later this week with our closing ceremony and awards. The first ever Race to the Dog Bone Champion will be announced on Thursday.

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