Shindigz Summer Games: Speed Texting

What exciting do-it-yourself game did Party Hosts participate in yesterday for the Shindigz Summer Games: Race to the Golden Dog Bone? Speed Texting! At first Party Hosts imagined that this could be an easy event since there are things like auto correct and most phones can even guess the word for them, but not in this event. Shindigz Summer Games Coordinator, Jo Carter, made sure that these were older phones without fancy features. She also chose phrase to be texted that would be challenging for even an avid texter: “A flea & a fly in a flue Said da fly “Oh wat should we do” Said da flea” Let us fly Said da fly”Let us flee” So day flew through a flaw in da flue.”

Speed Texting Results:
1st Place: The Taj Mutt-hals
2nd Place: Hot Dawgz
3rd Place: Kick ‘em in the Shindigz

This speed texting competition is a great example of how you can create your own summer games with household items or party supplies. Watch for our Shindigz Summer Games updates as The Race for the Golden Dog Bone continues until August 15th!

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