Shindigz Summer Games: Cake Decorating Results are in!

After kicking off the Shindigz Summer Games: Race to the Golden Dog Bone with a cake decorating contest, Shindigz allowed the entire world to vote for the winner. After a week of voting, the results are in! Party Hosts were challenged to create a cake that uses the Summer Games theme.

Shindigz Cake Decorating Results:
1st Place: Kick ‘em in the Shindigz
2nd Place: Ankle Biters
3rd Place: Snoop Doggy Dawgz
4th Place: Taj Mautt-hals

Come back and check out our blog for additional party ideas on creating your own Summer Games with products and supplies that are easily found on our website. Watch for our Shindigz Summer Games updates as The Race for the Golden Dog Bone continues until August 15th!

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