Share Travel Stories at Your “Home from Vacation” Party

You’re Home from Vacation—What Do You Do Next?

Rather than arriving home from your vacation dreading the inevitable return of fall, plan a party for you and all your friends.  Welcome everyone back home a week or so after you return for a little get-together!

Bring the Beach with You!

Did you go on an exotic vacation, visiting sandy beaches and trying to see the edge of the ocean?  Perfect!  Set up a beach party scene and tell your guests that you brought the beach home with you!  Decorate with some tiki torches and candles, have a few palm tree coolers set up filled with cans of soda, lemonade, and juice, and greet each guest with a flowered lei.  You could also wear a grass skirt to help set the theme of the party.  Encourage your guests to bring pictures and souvenirs from their vacations to share with the other guests.

To go along with the “bring the beach home” theme, you can get creative and concoct your own tropical fruit punch to serve when the story sharing starts.  To add a little more flavor to the homemade fruit punch, try using frozen fruit for ice cubes in the drinks!  Also, plan on serving fresh fruit and veggies (maybe even veggie pizza) so your guests don’t fill up on sugar or unhealthy snacks.

Back on the Boat

If you went on a cruise and you’re currently experiencing the back-in-the-USA blues, plan a party with a nautical theme so you can get out of your doldrums!  You can hang a nautical-themed mural on one wall in the main party room.  You can also find fun anchor cutouts to hang and fishnet to drape over tables to help set the mood.

Deciding what type of food to serve for a cruise-themed party might prove a little more difficult.  You could go for the buffet-type and ask each person to bring their favorite dish.  Another good option is a seafood theme to go with your nautical theme.  Go for shrimp rings and shrimp cocktails, maybe plan an informal sit-down dinner and prepare salmon or tilapia for your guests.

The most important thing in any “home from vacation” celebration is for you and all your friends to get together, share stories, and celebrate the fact that everyone is home safe and had a wonderful, relaxing vacation.  Take the time to relax and catch up with your friends before everyone has to settle back into the hustle and bustle of life.

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  • Having themed parties at home will surely make an event really exciting. It’s like going back and reminiscing the memories in the certain place. A getaway from the daily routine but still in the comforts of home. What themes have you done so far?

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