Shindigz Summer Games: Bike Riders Scavenger Hunt

The Race for the Golden Bone  took a new turn with Wednesdays action of a scavenger hunt. One member of each team hopped on a bike and  searched for answers at various landmarks here in our home town of South Whitley. Keeping with the Race to the Golden Dog Bone theme, each team member had to wear a fun dog nose as they peddled their way to each stop. The Taj Mutthal’s took another victory today, while the Party Pooches came in 2nd and the Hot Dawgz rounding out the top 3.

Come back and check out our blog for additional party ideas on creating your own Summer Games with products and supplies that are easily found on our website. Watch for our Shindigz Summer Games updates as The Race for the Golden Dog Bone continues until August 15th!

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