August Party Ideas

Fight the August Lull!

August is the time of year where certain things seem to pick up, while others drop off.  School starts up again and the weather is still warm, but the leaves haven’t changed enough to really warrant a fall party.  So how do break up the weird monotony of the month between summer and fall?  Throw a party!

Backyard Barbecue

While it’s typically a more summery party, many people plan cookouts and backyard barbecues up through Labor Day.  That makes this the perfect party idea for the transition from summer to fall.  Plan for the traditional foods that fit a backyard barbecue theme—ribs and pulled pork. You could go as far as to offer a non-barbecue option—simply put a dry rub on the ribs in addition to some with barbecue sauce.  Do the same with the pulled pork—make some with barbecue sauce and some without.  This will not only give your guests options, but it might result in a bigger turnout at your backyard barbecue!

This party theme will also give you an opportunity to go decorating crazy!  Wear a fun chef’s apron and hat.  You can also find the classic red and white checkered table covers for all your tables.  One more fun decoration to add to your barbecue is a menu held up by a friendly chef!

Lake-Side Soirees and Picturesque Picnics

Usually, no one expects an elegant party during the summer or fall seasons—it’s simply too warm to warrant “dressing up.”  Look around for a park in your area with a small pond or a lake and plan a fun lake-side get-together for you and your friends.  You could even give it a theme, like a fun Victorian-era Sunday at the park!  Request that your guests dress in a light, airy fabric.  Then, plan a picnic lunch for you and your friends.  Make sure to check for allergies before you prepare your picnic lunches.  Plan to make ham and turkey sandwiches for the adults that attend, but also this of the children!  Prepare some peanut butter sandwiches with jelly or honey.  Prepare a few other classic picnic lunch foods, too, like pasta salad, potato salad, and (for dessert) chocolate chip cookies!  As far as drinks go, you can serve lemonade in fun goblets at the beginning of the picnic.  Before you guests arrive, fill a few pitchers or a large bowl with water, ice, and a few lemon slices.  Then add some tea bags, cover your pitcher or bowl, and let it steep.  Keep extra ice on hand in a nearby cooler.  Towards the end of the party, maybe just after dinner, pour all your guests a glass of freshly-made sun tea!

While these are only two ideas of how to break up the August monotony, there are more ideas out there.  Show your friends and neighbors how creative you can get with your August party ideas!

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