Back to School Spirit Ideas for Coaches

Whether the game is football or forensics, you can nurture team-building spirit right from the start of the school year with the right activities and products.

Surround in Spirit
Sprucing up the practice space with spirit decorations are gestures of welcome and give players something to talk about with each other right away, which can help break the ice when you have new participants.

Customize spirit banners with messages that let them know that you know they are winners. Try low-tack Attach N’ Go horizontal banners for walls and doors indoors, and larger banners with grommets for bleacher railings and outdoor fencing.

Some spirit items are instant conversation pieces and really perk up those cinderblock walls. A megaphone cutout or standee in school colors and initials would fit this category, as would spirit wall decals that celebrate the sport or mascot. Try them on the wall next to your classroom or office, too.

Finish the spirited surroundings in flag pennant banners in school colors – they are not only classic but do a lot to jazz up spaces for very little money.

The best part is that all of these ideas involve products that, with a little care, can be re-used next season and the season after that.

Adorn with Spirit
Surprise the team with fan gear wearables out of the blue. Temporary tattoo favors or face paints are fun for any team, with the possible exceptions of competitors who use a swimming pool!

Pull out a packet of leis or a few sports fan wigs during a breather, since bringing a bit of silliness into the activities gives hard workers of all sorts a nice mental break and is always good for morale.

Mascot beaded necklaces, debossed bracelets or wristbands, and glow items are other examples of wearables that can be unique to the team and promote unity. Choose a significant moment to hand them out, for example the last practice for the first game or meet, or in closing a pep talk.
Get Practical Spirit
We adore the cheerphones and cheerphone caps. Everybody will get a kick out of them. You can put caps onto the ends of these seven-inch cheerphones to turn them into containers, perfect for popcorn or other snacks sooner, and for encouraging fellow teammates later.

Providing a treat for the team that is consumable or otherwise usable appeals greatly to our practical sides.

How about personalized school spirit candy bars, which are lovely consumables with a bit of your own pizzazz expressed on the wrappers? Even though this product is customized, the minimum order is only 36! Simply choose your sport and compose your message.

You can also consider rally sports towels or sports water bottles that team members can use every day – put them in matching string backpacks to increase their practicality, spirit of unity and overall appeal.

Give practical spirit items in offering congratulations at the first team meeting post-tryout, or as the first practice session ends. Set some aside, also, for occasions when you want to celebrate the team’s achievements.

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