Summer Asian Festivals to Recreate at Home

People love international reasons to party.  The 2012 Olympics in London presents opportunities to celebrate cultural traditions from around the world.  Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales and Marketing at, a leading source for party decorations and Asian party supplies says, “The Asian culture gives us incredible festival ideas that can easily be recreated at home for more intimate gatherings with family and friends.”

Boryeong Mud Festival

“Mom and Dad will have to keep an open mind with this one,” says Downey.  “A mud party is a party to remember for a lifetime for everyone involved.”

The Boyreong Mud Festival takes place July 14 – 24 in South Korea.  Millions of visitors flock to the city of Boryeong for a festival where they literally make a mess of themselves in mud on the beach, while remembering mud’s many benefits for the skin.

Recreating this famous festival at home requires some creativity to get everyone involved. For the kids, it’s rather simple. Consider a mud pit in the back yard and watch their eyes light up when for one day a year, they are allowed and even encouraged to cover themselves in mud. For the women, have a collection of mud facial masks and let them pamper themselves for the day with a spa party.  Set up a mud-wrestling tournament for the men, and see how everyone involved can enjoy a good day in the mud.

Conclude your Mud Festival just as they do in South Korea, by washing up and shooting fireworks.  If fireworks are too big a task to take on, use sparklers and wind down the day talking about all your crazy experiences in the mud.

Songkran Festival

If mud isn’t your thing, maybe water is. The Thailand Songkran Festival takes place in Thailand’s hottest month, April, and is one of the world’s largest water fights.  Host a July Songkran Festival in the USA with pool party supplies.

Unlike the Mud Festival, Thailand’s festival focuses on the cleanliness of water.  “Think water balloons, water guns, sprinklers and even something as simple as the water hose,” suggests Downey.  “Have some good old-fashioned family fun with a giant water fight in the back yard, while also celebrating a popular Thailand tradition.”  Make sure your party drinks include personalized water bottle labels.

Chinese Lantern Festival

Each year in China, September begins a celebration called the Chinese Lantern Festival.  For most, the festival recreates the best of summer time fun in backyards.

“Chinese lanterns are beautiful,” Downey said. “What better way to spend time with family and friends than surrounded by these gorgeous lanterns in different colors and patterns?”

Hang lanterns from your porch, trees, or anywhere you can find. To stay with the theme, have a spread of popular Chinese foods. Invite friends and family over at dusk and give the kids glow party favors.  Have a relaxing evening in the beauty of your own yard.

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