Show-Stopper Decorations for Summer Corporate Mixers

Begin your search for show-stopper decorations for your corporate mixer by considering party themes first. Once you do, the rest of the planning will fall into place.

Popular Summer Mixer Themes
Themes that go over well for summer and remind us of the outdoors (whether we are actually outdoors or not) also readily help achieve the usual goals of a mixer to be relaxed, casual and fun. Some of our summer favorites are Luau, Western, Safari and Picnic. Each lends itself to an easily-recognizable identity, set of activities (e.g., picnic with softball games, luau with hula or limbo contests), certain types of food and drink, and entertaining wearables. Knowing the “script” helps guests feel comfortable right away.

Show-Stopper Theme Decorations
A “show stopper” is a decoration that generates immediate conversation and enthusiasm, so it will function initially as your first ice-breaker. You can achieve this result simply with a large decoration, but most often kudos is earned not just due to size but because the decoration is unique by itself or cleverly accompanied or customized in some way.

Entrances & Arches: Start the buzz early right at the entrance to banquet room, beer garden or park shelter with an arch or other entrance decorations from your chosen theme decorations kit, such as shown at right. Most arches come with personalization options so you can customize a welcome greeting, mixer slogan and/or sponsor credit. Leave off the date/year if you intend for the mixer to become an annual event with the same theme, so that you can re-use the decorations.

If the event absolutely is outdoors with little or no shelter, adorn the entrance with a heavy-duty vinyl theme banner that meets your specific specifications as to size and customization.

Party Backgrounds: Once inside the entrance, party backgrounds and murals can draw the eye (and the rest of the guest) inward and further the theme. Use them also as backdrops for guest speakers, entertainers and group photos.

Backgrounds and backdrops can be customized by material and size, and personalized with event information just as banners can.

Free-Standing Decorations: Large free-standing themed decorations, such as cardboard cutouts or decorative trees, likewise deliver additional points of interest and add depth to wall décor. They can also be used to help break up larger spaces into more intimate settings for smaller conversation groups or to create separations between teams for structured activities.

You will find such props indispensable for photo ops for a roving photographer – imagine the attractiveness of different theme items showing up with guests in a photo album on a website or social media site afterward.

Other Advantages of Theme for a Corporate Mixer
Selecting a theme for your summer mixer presents you with an array of show-stopper decorations, but don’t stop there. Take a look at the low cost of our event printing on invitations as a standout alternative to today’s ubiquitous email invitations. Also, check out tableware in your theme for wowza centerpieces, and be sure to shop for matching gift bags or boxes ready to receive guest contact information lists and corporate spirit supplies.

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