Princess Party Quinceañera Ideas

An Occasion Fit for a Princess

A Sweet Sixteenth birthday is a special occasion to almost every girl in America.  For young ladies in the Hispanic culture, a Quinceañera is a similar (but more formal) occasion.  The birthday girl gets to dress up in a beautiful ball gown and has a court of girls and boys, as well as an escort, to attend her.  There’s a fancy dinner, a dance (occasionally a rehearsed dance performed by the guest of honor, her escort, and the court), and, of course, a cake.  Those are only a few of the main components, though.  Don’t forget about the decorations!

Princess Party Quinceañera Decorations

For an elegant Quinceañera celebration, elegant decorations are the key to a memorable party.  Elegant tableware, as well as elegant draperies, will set the initial tone.  However, no Quince party (no matter how elegant) is complete without balloons.  You have a few options.  You could get Quince-specific balloons and display them around the room.  Then again, you could find colors that fit with the color of your birthday girl’s dress and a few other colors that match it and place clusters of the matching colors throughout the room.

Once you have balloons and a few other decorations chosen, you need to look into tableware.  If you want an elegant, polished look for your event, try silver-banded dinner plates and clear utensils and glasses.  Choose a solid-colored table cover and look into monogrammed napkins.  Also, for a final, finishing touch on your tables, select an elegant centerpiece.  For a princess Quinceañera party, you have a few options.  You could choose a centerpiece modeled after a pumpkin-shaped carriage or you could look for a small candelabra centerpiece.

Princess Party Quinceañera Gift Ideas

Traditionally, the parents of the birthday girl are the ones to put together the party.  However, a small gift is usually expected, also.  What better gift can parents give their princess but a tiara?  There are a wide variety of tiaras to choose from no matter where you go to find one, so you’ll definitely be able to find one to fit your birthday girl perfectly.  Whatever other gifts you choose to give your birthday girl should be much more personal, but the princess Quinceañera party of her dreams and a beautiful tiara to wear at her party will remind her of how special she really is to you and will make her very thankful.

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