Decorating Tips for Crashing Dull Meetings

Wake Up a Dull Meeting

No one likes to go to a dull meeting at 8:00 am just to be talked at (while you slowly fall asleep).  Why not plan a fun, possibly interactive meeting to wake your staff up next time?  You can easily plan entertaining things that will startle your meeting attendees awake.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Balloons, Balloons Everywhere!  As you’re delivering your speech to the team members, explain that you have a few visual aids to help keep your listeners on track.  Then, pick up a cardboard box and set it on the table in front of you.  Prior to the meeting, fill the cardboard box with as many helium-filled latex balloons as you can, so when you open the box, the balloons fly out everywhere and surprise your audience!
  • Candy Rewards:  Ask your staff to plan to participate in the meeting.  Request that everyone come up with a few ideas to improve productivity or boost morale or something along those lines.  Then, during the meeting, when you begin to discuss the topics you’ve requested their input on, be prepared to toss everyone a personalized candy bar as they answer questions or give their comments.
  • Themed Sales Meetings Attract Attention:  With themes like Reach for the Stars, Ride the Wave, or Showdown at High Noon, your sales meeting will be the talk of the company.  Themes are a great way to wake up a sleepy staff, especially if it’s early morning.  They’ll have decorations to look at and things other than charts and posters to focus on, even if it’s only for fun and for a little while.
  • Fun Banners Act as Attention-Getters!  Hang a banner at the entrance to your meeting room so that your employees will not only know for sure which room the meeting is in, but so they feel welcome.  Then, when they walk in, offer coffee, juice, and a variety of snacks (healthy or sugary).

There are many other ways to grab the attention of your meeting attendees; these were just a few jumping-off points for you to start with.  Plan your next few meetings far enough ahead of time that you can create personalized favors for your meeting so that your attendees will be more likely to stay awake and be more alert.

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