Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day Decorating & Favor Ideas for Events

Tell Your Mom You Love Her with a Mother’s Day Party

Mother’s Day only comes around once a year—it’s different from your mother’s birthday, so why not use it as a special occasion to tell your mom how much she means to you?  You could gather a few of your friends to help you plan a party for all your mothers together!  You could also, however, coordinate with your dad and your siblings and plan a family party to make your mom feel that much more special.  Whichever way you go with the party idea, you’re going to need a plan set in motion:  ask the dads to help cook, the little kids can help you bake a cake or cupcakes (supervised, of course, so your mom doesn’t see a massive mess in the kitchen after her surprise), and you can recruit the teens and older kids to help you decorate!  The next step is to look for decorations

Pick the Perfect Mother’s Day Decorations

When you begin looking for decorations, try to think about what type of party best fits your amazing mom.  The first step in decorating for a Mother’s Day Party is to pick the tableware.  From there, you can do just about anything with your decorations.  If you choose a patterned tableware set, you could pull individual colors for, say, balloons and streamers.  Don’t be afraid to mix colors with patterns, too.  If you get a set of blue tableware, get polka-dotted balloons in blue, green, and pink!  It will add a bit more to your party and you’ll probably earn a bigger smile from your mom.  Don’t forget a table cover—it will make cleanup a lot easier!  Also, to add that touch of completion to your Mother’s Day table, pick out a few fun centerpieces that your moms will be able to keep for years to come.  A great idea for individualized centerpieces is find a few vases and fill each with favorite flowers of each mom attending your Mother’s Day Party.  It’s one of the best gifts you can send home with your mom.  You can also give your mom a cute satin favor bag filled with a few small presents from the family. 

One More Fun Mother’s Day Party Surprise

After a wonderful meal cooked by the dads, it’s time to finish off the meal with a dessert made by the kids.  Whether you present the moms with root beer floats, hot fudge sundaes, cakes, or cupcakes, you’ll win big points with mom because it’s something yummy that was made for her on her special day.  You could make a flower or a butterfly cake or bake cupcakes in teacup holders!  When you decorate the cakes, make them look like a flower or a butterfly and then write “Happy Mother’s Day” on the top in icing.  When decorating the teacup cupcakes, ice them with a colored icing and then write “Mom” or your mom’s name on the top.  Remember, no matter how you decorate or what the food tastes like, the personal touches are what will make your Mother’s Day Party memorable for your mom.

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