Planning for the Annual Block Party

Welcome Warm Weather with a Block Party

As the weather warms up, many people start getting the urge to shift their free-time activities outdoors.  Cold winter weather often causes people to go slightly stir crazy, especially when the first warm day hits.  What better way to welcome spring and summer than with a block party?  Whether you plan a block party every year or this is your first (hopefully of many), there are many ways to make your planning easier.

Quick and Easy Block Party Planning

Turn your yard (and your neighbors’ yards) into one big picnic site.  Yes, many block parties are cookouts, but people usually plan to bring table and chairs.  Why not simply throw some blankets on the grass and allow your kids to eat while sitting on the ground?  Also, it gives you the chance to enjoy the simplicity that is a picnic—when is the last time you (or your kids) went on a picnic?  Can you think of a better way to ring in spring than with a picnic?  To make your picnic block party fun and slightly whimsical, find red gingham table covers and use those as your picnic blankets!  The fun part here is that your kids might be slightly confused while they watch Mom roll red and white plastic onto the ground.  Then, begin to set out plates and napkins—take this chance to try eco-friendly tableware.  Why not?  They even come in a picnic kit!  Either assign specific people to bring certain foods or just call it a potluck and have everyone bring something.  The men could have a grilling competition and the kids could decorate aprons for their dads.

Block Party Activity Planning

Every party needs a game!  Your block party could use a few games, too.  Definitely pick out a piñata, because there is nothing quite as entertaining as watching kids scramble around for candy once the piñata bursts open.  You can look into card games, too—Uno is always a favorite!  Also, try to plan a few sports-related games just for fun for your party guests that are in the pre-teen age range.  Go for a bean bag toss and plan a pick-up game of basketball or soccer.

Gather your neighbors to help you welcome spring and summer with a huge block party!  Relax with a picnic, enjoy the outdoors that you’ve been kept away from all winter.  Have fun with your neighbors and make some new friends—you could even get a jump start on planning your next block party!

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