Unusual Graduation Theme Parties- Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Dr. Seuss Graduation Party for Big Kids

“Oh, the places you’ll go! Oh, the people you’ll meet!”  With these words, Dr. Seuss unknowingly created one of the most interesting graduation themes of the last few years.  A growing number of high school (and sometimes college) graduates are receiving copies of Oh, the Places You’ll Go from their parents and their older siblings.  It’s a way for parents to send their child into the big world of a path (hopefully) to success.

Decorating for this unusually graduation party will be easier than you think.  All of Dr. Seuss’s books have a wide variety of colors to pull from—Oh, the Places You’ll Go Is no different!  Choose a few different colors to use for your tableware.  This book looks at brighter versions of pastels.  You could either choose different-colored kit-n-kaboodles or you could get plates in one color, napkins in another (maybe have them personalized), and your table covers in a variety of colors.  You could choose matching colors (like purple, green, and blue) or you can pick as many colors as you can find and not really worry about them matching.  That’s the beauty of a Dr. Seuss-inspired graduation party—you can pick any combination of colors and not worry about them matching!

When you find the colored tableware for your Dr. Seuss-themed graduation party, start looking for centerpieces.  Without centerpieces, your tables will look bare—that can’t happen for your graduation party!

Go Green for Your Graduation Party!

Almost along with the bright colors that go with a Dr. Seuss-themed graduation party, think about a hippy theme. Much of the same tableware you found and used for your Dr. Seuss-themed graduation party can be used here, too—mainly the table covers.  The thing to remember is color!  This time, try for the colors of the rainbow instead of just choosing a few different colors.

Usually, when people think “hippy,” the first thing that pop to mind is “environmentally friendly.”  Why not look into eco-friendly tableware to enhance your theme that much more?

For decorations, think about dizzy danglers to represent the hippies that twirl to music.  Don’t forget to add centerpieces to your tables—pick a couple different centerpieces and stagger them from table to table (or along the tables if you have long tables).

These are simply two ideas to help you get creative and make your graduation party unusual and unique.  It doesn’t matter what way you choose to celebrate your graduation, all that matters is that it’s a memorable day because you finally did it! Now it’s time to find new places to go and new people to meet.

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