Mayan Party – Like It’s the End of the World

Mayan Calendar Predictions Result in a Huge Party!

While the Mayan predicted the end of the world to be 2012, it hasn’t happened yet.  What better way to place more value in each day than plan the biggest bash of the year?  While planning it for the summer may not be wise (with the end of the world drawing near, do you want to wait?), planning a block party and involving not only your neighbors, but also everyone’s friends and family will result in an insane party, but definitely one to remember.  Think big!  The end of the world only happens once!

Backyard Party Cook-off and Other End of the World Activities

By waiting until the weather warms up, you give yourself many options.  You’ll probably want to have the party outside, so you don’t really have to worry about how many people show up.  If you do turn it into a block party, the men could have a grilling competition—this way you know there’s plenty of food and that’s one less worry.  Stick to hot dogs and hamburgers, but any of the men can put their own twist on the food, such as spices or dressings, and then allow their guests to be the judge of who wins.  The winners can be awarded with a chef’s hat.  Kids at the party can participate, too, by decorating aprons for the cooks!

What outdoor party would be complete without a game of limbo?  You can always give the game a twist and have participants wear funny hats while showing off their limbo talents—whoever keeps their hat on the longest gets an extra prize!

Don’t Forget the Mayan Decorations!

Why not take the time to decorate in a way that will pay homage to those that predicted the end of our world?  Add some fun decorations and a ton of tiki torches to your backyard bash to give it that tropical, almost Mayan, flair.  Place a personalized giant tiki standee along a wall of party so guests can have fun and take pictures to remember the end of the world bash you created—that can be the message on your giant tiki standee!  You can also use tabletop tiki lights on each of your tables to create the start of fun centerpieces.  Potted palm trees make a cute addition to those centerpieces, while keeping with the summer, tropical theme.  There are even full-size tropical palm trees that you can place around your yard!  One more good idea—have guests write their names on their party cups.  This way, it will be easier for them to keep track of which cup belongs to whom.


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