The Princess of the Quinceañera Party

An Elegant Quince is Key

Typically, when planning a Quinceañera (sometimes simply called a Quince) celebration, parents take great care to make their daughter feel like a princess.  The guest of honor traditionally wears a beautiful dress in white or light pink while her court wears another color of her choice.  In more recent years, the birthday girl wears a long dress in the color of her choice while the girls in her court wear shorter dresses in the same or a complementing color, while the boys wear black pants, black shoes, and shirts in the chosen color.  When decorating for the Quinceañera, the colors of the decorations must fit into the color scheme that your birthday girl has chosen.

Colored Decorations for Your Quinceañera

The first part of a Quince is the invitation.  Once your invitations are chosen, the tone of your Quinceañera is set.  Of course, from there, you’ll want to find tableware in the proper color for your Quince.  Naturally, with tableware comes a centerpiece.

From here, you need to look into decorations for the party room.  At the entryway, place an entrance arch for your birthday girl and her court of boys and girls to walk under.  Outside the party room or party building, hang a banner so guests will know that they are headed to the correct place.

A party simply isn’t a party without some balloons.  Whether you choose to use a few Mylar balloons in with the classic latex balloons or not, pick balloons that will match your color scheme.  You’ll also want to create a small photo corner, perhaps with the entrance archway and a few balloon clusters.  Finally, the last touch to the entire Quinceañera celebration, you must remember to get your precious birthday girl a tiara and a keepsake box in which to put the tiara after her birthday.

Themed Quinceañera Decorations

Recently, themed Quinceañera parties have become more and more popular.  These themes could include anything from a Fairytale and Castle theme to a tattoo theme.  A very popular party theme for many birthday girls is a candy party.  This way, the favors become much easier—personalized candy bars and personalized lollipops are perfect!

Whichever direction your birthday girl guides you during the planning of her Quinceañera, just remember that she’ll remember it forever as one of the biggest days of her life.  If you help her throughout the entire planning process, she’ll be grateful to have the best parents a girl could ask for.

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