Amass Fans at Your Rock Star Party

So you wanna be a rock star?!  Rev up your crowd.  It’s easy to be the star of your party when you plan and decorate properly.

Dress Like A Rock Star 

Start with red foil wigs to create your band’s mullets or wear a Mohawk wig and let the good times begin!  Be sure to have some extra wigs available for any guests who would like to get into character.  The more people wearing rock star hair and clothing the more fun everyone will have.  Wear clothing from rock stars from different eras- from Elvis to the 80’s.  Stay alive in a  disco dolly costume or head bang with grunge leggings.  Slip on an adult size silver sequin glove and beat it or hip hop in tattoo sleeves.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match ideas!

Decorate like a Rock Star

As people enter your party, wow them with your amazing rock star scene setter. The backdrop in this rock star scene setter kit is easy to hang.    Drape rock star danglers  and instrument rock band danglers  from the ceiling  That sets the mood and lets everyone know that the party has begun.

Party like a Rock Star

Serving food and drinks with guitar decorated rock star cups and rock star dessert plates allows everyone to enjoy the theme.  Consider including a cake made in the shape of a guitar or music notes. Handing guests inflatable microphones upon entry cues them to prepare for singing.

Rock Star Party Favors & Activities

In addition to air guitar, guests always enjoy a rock guitar pinata! Present a rock star inflatable guitar and microphone to a group of people.  Have the onlookers perform an air band song while each guest takes turns whacking the pinata.  Whether you choose candy bars or pinata fillers, your friends will have plenty of treats and memories to bring home.

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