Spring Break Parties and Mixer Ideas

It’s time for spring break, but you can’t get away?  No problem – just bring the party to your house!  Many of your friends would love to have a warm beach “vacation”, so send out beach ball invitations and prepare to party!

Decorate for Your Spring Break Party

It’s easy to create a beach scene. Puddle some gold and silver mottled gossamer fabric on the ground to look like sand.  Place a couple of beach towels on the ground and drape them in order to provide decoration. Hang brightly colored decorative lanterns.   An inflatable palm tree cooler does double duty as a main decoration and as icy place to store cans and bottles.  You can provide water bottles and soda, but everyone loves smoothies, especially when they’re served in tropical coconut cups!

Spring Break Mixer Ideas

As your guests arrive, direct them to a table where they can decorate beach pail sets with permanent markers and quick drying paints.  The pails can be used later as the bowls for ice cream sundaes, as well as souvenirs to take home from your spring break party.

Challenge your guests to a limbo or hula hooping contest. How low can they go?  How long can they hula hoop?  Can they spin the hoop on their arm? Can they make it go up and down their body?  It’s not as easy as it looks!  You can also use beach balls and play a game of beach volleyball. Make it harder by having people play while only using one hand!  Another fun, mixer game is to balance a beach ball on a plastic shovel and see who can walk the farthest without dropping the ball.  And while you party, play music that inspires people to wear hula skirts and silk leis!

The Spring Break Mixer Send Off

Spring break inspires memories.  Send guests home with party favors and souvenirs.  Not only can they take home their beach buckets, but if you have everyone sign the beach balls, it will truly be a spring break to remember!

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