Baby Shower Games & Activities—Oh, Baby, We’re Having Fun!

Welcome Your Soon-to-be-Mommy with a Fun Baby Shower

At one point or another every woman will somehow be involved in a baby shower—whether planning, hosting, attending, or being the guest of honor.  Usually, planning the baby shower is the hardest part.  You have to come up with a guest list, decorations, food, and a gift, not to mention baby shower games!  As far as food goes, sometimes people choose a theme (such as craving foods—nachos, pickles, and, for dessert, ice cream and chocolate).  When you begin to plan decorations, you can pick themes ranging from safari (pink or blue), rubber ducks, owls, and an array of others.  Remember, baby showers are fun to plan.  They’re even more fun once you see the surprised look on your soon-to-be-mommy’s face when she sees all the work you put into her special day.

Baby Shower Game Time!

Baby shower games can range from the classic piñata to the diaper games to baby gift bingo.  If you go with the classic piñata, make sure to fill it with a huge variety of candy to settle every craving your new mommy may have.  You could also put peppermints in the piñata, as peppermints are known to help settle upset stomachs—expecting mommies love peppermints.

When you start looking into the diaper games, don’t be surprised if you find one called Messy Guesses.  While it seems like one of the less popular games, it is a baby shower game that has been played for years at many different baby showers.  The host melts a different chocolate candy bar in each diaper.  You’ll want to choose a variety—one with nougat, one with nuts, one with caramel, and so on.  The guests and the new mommy get to pass the diapers around and guess what type of candy bar is in which diaper.  While the diaper game kit includes felt diapers, disposable diapers are probably better for this game.  This kit, fortunately, includes two other diaper-related games if you opt against Messy Guesses.

Other baby shower games include Baby Gift Bingo, the Baby Stuff Game, and, if all else fails and you want a complete set to save you planning time, you could find a Baby Shower Game Kit.

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