Memorial Day Party Ideas

Memorial Day Decorations to Remember

The solemn occasion of remembering our fallen troops on Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, has been an American tradition since the end of the Civil War. Interestingly enough, the United States marks both its beginning and end of summer, with patriotic holidays, patriotic party supplies, and festivities. Memorial Day traditionally kicks off the summer season, while Labor Day salutes its end. Fourth of July falls in the middle, encouraging Americans to display numerous patriotic decorations, all season long.  There are so many Memorial Day party supplies to choose from, many that can be recycled and used for the patriotic holidays to follow.


Use banners to boldly display your patriotic colors, remember a fallen soldier and declare your love of for the United States of America. Banners can be displayed indoors or outside, anchored with your choice of banner hangers.


Patriotic party danglers are an inexpensive way to decorate your Memorial Day party. Hang them from the ceiling, across window and door frames and even outside to sparkle in the sun throughout the day.


Columns are special decorations that can easily add a sense of importance to your Memorial Day remembrance celebration. Choose from a variety of styles in the classic red, white and blue or customize personalized, patriotic columns to express desired sentiments and emotion.  Columns can also be used in conjunction with festive patriotic balloons.

Memorial Day party ideas include gathering a group of people to place markers on the graves of fallen soldiers, participating in patriotic community events and getting together with family and friends in numerous ways. It is our privilege to enjoy the freedom secured by our troops, those brave men and women we honor, for their ultimate service to our country. God bless America!

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