Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!

Welcome Them Home with a Surprise

You’ve already said a tear-filled goodbye to your soldier, so what better way to welcome them home than with a surprise welcome home party?  Your soldier has probably seen enough camouflage to last him or her awhile, so switch to a patriotic theme.  Rather than an all-out stars-and-stripes pattern for every part of your welcome home party, gather red place settings, white place settings, and blue place settings.  Decorate your tables with white table covers and red and blue table runners.  Add a sparkly centerpiece or even some confetti as an eye-catcher that everyone at the welcome home party will love.

All-American Backyard Barbecue

If you sent your soldier off to a foreign country, why not welcome your American hero home with a longstanding American tradition—a cookout?  Sure, serve the standard burgers and hot dogs that everyone loves, but then treat your returning hero to something special, something just for them, like a huge steak.  To the side of the welcome home party space, create a photo corner.  All it takes are a few props—one or two columns for your photographer to position his picture subjects near.  Add some flags, streamers, and a welcome home banner for a little more flare.  Then, as favors for all your guests, why not send them customized coasters commemorating the welcome home party?

A Classier Welcome Home Party

Sometimes welcome home parties are better kept inside.  Also, it’s a good idea to have a backup for your backyard barbecue in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.  So if you choose to have the welcome home party indoors, you have a few more options as far as decorations.  If your party is indoors, you could add a balloon arch or other balloon decorations that could get destroyed outdoors.  You could also add other centerpieces, make each table different.  Vary the table decorations, too.  Alternate main colors versus runners:

  • A red table cover with white and blue table runners
  • A blue table cover with red and white table runners
  • A white table cover with blue and red table runners

One more difference between a backyard barbecue versus an indoor welcome home party is the type of dessert that is served.  While it’s still a good idea to use paper or plastic plates, you could create a dessert station with patriotic-patterned tableware.

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