Goodbye, My Hero, and Be Safe

A Military Bon Voyage Party with Class

Americans are always focused on and excited to welcome home their heroes.  While no one wants to think about saying goodbye to these soldiers, why not create a fun, lighthearted, goodbye party?  All of the friends and family of your special soldier will appreciate receiving an invitation to a great sendoff party for their favorite man or woman in uniform.  Guests will appreciate having one more chance to hug their soldier and thank him or her.  Goodbye parties are often filled with emotion and tears, but by picking the right decorations, you’ll be able to create a supportive atmosphere that reminds partygoers to stay positive and celebrate the person they’re sending away.

Simple Military Goodbye Party Decorations

Offer a buffet not only filled with their favorite home-cooked foods, but also stocked with a wide array of camouflage plates, napkins, and cups.  If you don’t want to use a typical military party camouflage pattern, you can always pull some of the individual colors (brown, tan, black, white, and various greens) and either mix them, organize them by table, or even set up food stations.  One color will represent salads, one for entrees, and one for desserts.  Another wonderful goodbye party color set to consider is, of course, the tried-and-true red, white, and blue.  Either color choice would be wonderful with a casual backyard barbecue sendoff.

Navy Bon Voyage Ideas

If you’re sending a man or woman off to the Navy, in particular, don’t throw the typical “goodbye, soldier” party.  Throw a fun bon voyage party.  With anchor-shaped balloons in every corner, your Navy man or woman will feel your support.  There are several options for decorations, it just depends on how detailed you want to be.  Hang bon voyage decorations from the ceiling—streamers, balloons, ceiling whirls, etc. Your options are open.

Whether they’re heading to a deployment or to basic training, remind your soldiers that you love them.  Gather all their friends and family for a well-decorated military goodbye party that they’re sure to remember for a long time.

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