What Can You Put in YOUR Personalized Candy Jars?

Your bustling party or cozy soiree needs party favors.  Give them custom, glass candy jars filled with bright and tempting goodies to remember you, your business, or your cause.

Candy Jar Filler Ideas

Start by ordering candy jars in bulk.  Design their labels during checkout.  Then, simply fill your empty, personalized candy jars with colors and theme items that match your event.  Add these candy jar fillers:

1.  Hershey Miniatures wrapped in personalized mini candy bar wrappers

2. Tootsie Rolls

3. Mint Candy Favors

4.  Dried Fruits

5.  Bulk Candy

6.  Sand Art Supplies

7. Soap Favors

8. Tattoo Party Favors

9. Erasers, Paper Clips, or Sticky Notes

10.  Business Cards

11.  Flash Drives

12.  Gift Cards

13. Ice Cream Toppings

14.  Church Favors

15. Assorted, Dollar or Discount Party Favors

16. Craft Party Supplies

17.  Party Balloons

18.  Adult Items

19.  Beta Fish

20.  Baked Goodies

21. Spices

22.  Make-Up or Hair Bands

Personalized candy jars are cute little containers to give as birthday gifts, holiday gifts, and wedding favors.  One baker we know likes to bake cakes and breads inside her jars to give to friends.  Order your candy jars in bulk and gift them to neighbors, friends, co-workers, teachers, and party-goers throughout the year!

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