Pilgrims- Decorate a Mayflower Thanksgiving Party

Plan your next Thanksgiving party for children or adults with a sailing theme twist. Remember the Pilgrim’s first autumn aboard the Mayflower in 1620 with this combined sea and autumn genre that will make a lasting impression on your guests. Themed room decorating, crafts, snacks, and costumes are some of the ways to bring this variation of Thanksgiving celebrating to life.

Design a Thanksgiving Party Ship

Recreate the Mayflower’s atmosphere by using party backdrops of old time sailing ships looking out across the deck toward the sea. Your ship can be surrounded by an ocean blue room roll of waves. Use posts connected by rope to outline the ship’s sides and then cover both inside and outside with patterned corrugated paper simulating wooden planks.

Place tables “inside” the ship and use nautical standees like an antique captain’s wheel to go back in time. Or go all inside by using plank paper and columns covered with black or gold tulle and string lights to imitate the inside of the ship. Place a few portholes around the room for a glimpse out to sea.

Think about using the typical orange, brown and golds of autumn mixed with blues and creams from the sea to create interesting combinations of fall decorations. Pumpkins, gourds and sprays of fall leaves amidst shells and sea decorations can make excellent themed accents for both the floor area and/or table tops. Soft or brightly colored lights can brighten up a corner or place emphasis on a special area of interest – such as the food line.

Thanksgiving Party Craft Ideas

Some party crafts to consider for the young ones are:

  • Sugar cookies in the form of miniature sailing ships. Decorate with varied colored icing tubes
  • Sand crafts-kits and bottles
  • Pilgrim and turkey stick crafts for kids
  • Table top decorations. Stand the stick puppets upright in a Styrofoam base. Add wreathes of leaves, straw, or orange ribbon.

Pilgrim Thanksgiving Snacks

Serve up autumn inspired treats like apple walnut cake, pumpkin muffins, caramel apples, popcorn balls, and trail mix mixed with candy corn. Fish crackers can be placed in several smaller bowls around a sea of blue punch made from lemon/lime soda and blue colored Kool Aid. Be sure to bring plenty of candy corn!

Thanksgiving Party Costumes

Fall wearables and costumes add that finished touch. Your guests will have fun looking up period clothing on the Internet. Find a suitable equivalent with something homemade or buy costumes from a thrift store.

By trying something new this season and hosting a Mayflower Thanksgiving, you may be surprised at how much fun it is to think outside the typical setting. Above all, enjoy creating, hosting and celebrating this wonderful season full of autumn’s bounty, family and friends.

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