Delightful, Santa Bucket Favor Pails

Create Santa Buckle Favor Pails
Create Santa Buckle Favor Pails

Looking for a creative way to display and contain your Christmas party favors? We have an easy, unique favor holder for you to make, and all you need are some small red pails, black felt, white felt, and hot glue for this project. Even Santa would be impressed by these favor pails. Follow the steps below to make these festive Santa bucket favor pails:

Santa’s Buckle Favor Pails:

  • Use the small red pail (item FVRSPL RED).
  • Create the Santa favor pail by using FVRSPL RED, black felt, white felt, and hot glue.
  • Cut a long strip of black felt for the “belt”. Hot glue the black felt strip to the pail.
  • Use white felt to create the buckle, and hot glue it to the black felt.
  • For a snowy look, fill the pail with cotton balls and add your favorite favors. (We used our edible marshmallow snowmen favors).

Santa Bucket Favor Pail Ideas:

  • These jolly favor pails should be filled with fun
    Christmas party favors like: Christmas yo-yo’s, mini Christmas coloring books, candy cane pencils, snowman playing cards, and holiday sticker strips.
  • Transform your party space with a
    cozy Christmas scene setter. Other Christmas scene setters include: the Christmas scene setter kit, the Christmas trees room setter, and windows and the fireplace scene setter.
  • Santa may not be at your party (or maybe he will be, that’s up to you) but Santa’s sleigh can be there. Add a beautiful Santa’s bag
    prop next to the sleigh filled with wrapped empty boxes to complete the effect. The Santa’s bag is made out of crushed velvet looking fabric with gold embroidered wording and a gold drawstring rope. Santa’s sleigh is a great photo opportunity, and you may even want to include your photo in your Christmas cards.

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