He’s Adorable! Your Snowman Centerpiece

Create a Snowman Centerpiece
Create a Snowman Centerpiece

This adorable snowman centerpiece is simple to make and he will melt your heart with his button eyes and his soft carrot nose!  The young ones will get a kick out of the delightful “Kids Only” sign!  The snowman centerpieces are the perfect touch on your tables, or even as one of your winter party decorations.  The instructions below will help you assemble this lovable centerpiece:

Snowman Centerpiece:

  • Hot glue 3 styrofoam balls together (all different sizes).  We cut the bottom off of the largest ball to create a flat bottom surface.
  • Hot glue buttons for eyes and chest.
  • Create a “carrot” nose by shaping orange felt into a cone… attach using a small pin or hot glue.
  • Hat created by cutting 2 circles out of black felt for (a larger circle for brim and a smaller circle for the top of the hat).  Then cut a rectangle piece of felt that when wrapped into a circle, is the same diameter as the circle used for the top of the hat).  Attach pieces together using glue.  We added a glittered red ribbon to the hat for extra sparkle.
  • Insert candy canes into styrofoam for arms.
  • Use a ribbon or fabric of your choosing for the scarf.
  • “Kids Only” sign was created using craft wood and letters.  We painted the letters and glued them to the wood sign. Add a ribbon of your choosing (hot glue the back to sign) to hang around the snowman’s neck.
  • Add cotton balls to the base of the snowman for extra texture and a “snow” look.

Snowman Centerpiece Ideas:

  • After your snowman centerpieces are assembled, coordinate your event tables by using the let it snow tableware.
  • Treat your snow buddies to a snowflake photo candy bar as a favor on your wintry tablescape.
  • You and your guests can take turns being a snowman inside of a snowglobe with the snowman paste your face standee.
  • If cupcakes are on the dessert menu for your party, then make sure to pop in snowman and snowflakes deco picsto match your theme.

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