How to Throw a Faith-Themed Party for Teens

Written by: Amy Reynolds*

It can be difficult to throw a party for teens that is fun, safe and still aligns with your religious views.  But with the following ideas, you can host a party for teenagers of faith that would make the Lord proud.  Be sure to decorate with crosses, doves and angels and use any of these tips as a springboard to generate your own creative ideas!

Dinner Party

Sharing dinner and bonding over food with friends is always a great way to bring people together…especially teens.  So put a Christian spin on this simple party by preparing and serving dishes that Jesus would have enjoyed in His time.  With traditional, biblical foods such as beans, lentils, figs and grapes you will be dining just like He did.  To represent the story of Jesus and the loaves and fish, serve a main dish of fish and bread on religious tableware.  You can then go around the table and have each teen read their favorite Bible verses and then discuss what the verse means to them.  Also, instead of a traditional grace, have each person talk about what they consider to be a blessing in their life.

Bible Character Costume Party

Host a costume party where teens dress up like their favorite Bible character.  For a game, play “Ten Questions” in which guests ask yes or no questions to see if they can uncover which Bible character each person is dressed as.  If you don’t want to involve dressing up in costume, an alternative is to pin a Bible character’s name on the back of each party member.  Have your attendees mingle and ask questions to try and figure out who they are portraying.

Light of the World Party

Since Christians believe that Jesus was the light of the world, host a party with light being the theme.  Place candles everywhere and play worship music while enjoying the company of one another by candlelight.  For decorations, you can really get creative by taking bowls of water and place floating candles in them, or by filling bowls with river rocks and placing the candles amongst the rocks.

Karaoke Praise Party

Host a karaoke party where everyone gets together with uplifting, Christian music being the central idea.  Before the party, make a playlist of worship based songs and incorporate music note themed décor.  Another fun idea for this kind of party is to invite your church band or worship group to play for the group.

Tea Party

This is a great party idea for teenage Christian girls to get together and rejoice in the Lord.  Host this event in a backyard and plan a devotional prayer for the group.   For décor, make a table setting with violets as a centerpiece (a symbol of humility, violets has been represented in Christian art for centuries).  When each guest leaves, hand out a party favor such as a cookie in the shape of a teapot along with a scripture mint that has a Bible verse written on it.

Scavenger Hunt

This is always a wholesome party activity that can be used as teamwork encouraging icebreaker.  Designate teams and give them a checklist of different things they have to perform across the neighborhood.  Send them with a camera to document the different activities.  Maybe they have to pick up programs from different churches, take a photo with a pastor, obtain a small cross, etc.

*Amy Reynolds is an author who writes on topics surrounding Christianity and dating from the site Christian Dating Sites


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