Boo! Bags and Party Favor Bags — Ideas for Fun

Black Raven White Square Decal StickersCan you make Halloween party favor bags that are bloody and completely fa-boo-lous at the same time? Let’s examine this and other Halloween party favor container dilemmas.

Add Your Own Touches to Halloween Favor Bags
The Gift Bags page is a pretty good place to start. Here, you can begin to get a feel for the materials that will best suit your Halloween party style, mood and budget: plain or glossy paper, metallics or clear vinyl.

  • Select a plain cub tote bag and give it a treatment with your own stencils or stamps

  • Order a skull or pumpkin design on cake bags

  • Design a Halloween personalized sticker to place on your party favor bags of choice (the photo at right is an example)

  • As you widen your search you’ll come across our marvelous paintable canvas mini totes. These totes, in a party-perfect 6”x6” size, come in several colors including orange and purple. We especially like them for kids’ Halloween parties because fabric paint and glitter glue turn them into a craft activity as well as party favor bags.

    Use Decorating Fabrics to Make Halloween Favor Bags
    Perhaps you’ve used netting to wrap favors for a wedding? Though you may be using a different color, the same principles apply to create Halloween favor bags, including the delightful principles of “no sewing” and “no raveling,” to which many of us are loyal adherents.

    Simply cut the netting into squares of your favored size, which will probably fall between 12” and 15” or thereabouts. Fill the center of each square with your Halloween treats or favors, pull up the corners and tie the bag closed with a pretty (or perhaps in this case, ghastly) piece of ribbon.

    Another easy decorating fabric to use is gossamer. Cut squares from a solid color or spiderweb patterned gossamer, and use strips cut from the same material or from a contrasting color of gossamer streamer to tie the bags.

    If your Halloween party involves a “chop shop” or similar mayhem, cut the squares out of a bloody gauze panel. (You may need two squares layered together for better opacity). In this case, the material will ravel but it’s all part of the effect.

    Be sure to include a severed fingers decoration in each bloody favor bag.

    By “Bags,” We Also Mean Boxes and Coffins

    Party favor bags are fun and easy containers, but they are just one of a range of choices when it comes to holding Halloween party favors. Be sure to check out favor boxes in several Halloween designs that you can personalize, generously-sized orange buckets and black cauldrons, and our cute coffin treat boxes.

    Check out more party favor boxes and bags, as well as a huge menu of party favors to stuff them with, in the Party Favors store.

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