Grandma’s Halloween Storybook Decorating Tips

From the lessons of the Little Green Witch to Berenstain Bears® adventures, Halloween storybooks tend to contain many of the same key elements. Here are some tips for Grandmas (and others!) in using Halloween party supplies for storybook style home or party decorating no matter the plot.

Go For an “Illustrated” Look
Seek Halloween decorations that look like something that’s just jumped out of a storybook. The Haunted Mansion background illustration, shown at right, is a wonderful example of what we mean: richly colored and stylized, with an overall lighthearted feel. The Halloween Night backdrop is another terrific choice in this vein.

If you have a haunted castle or mansion to re-create, start with a brick or stone patterned flat paper or poly vinyl rolls on the walls.

Add a cast of fun characters to a Halloween storybook setting with mylar Halloween balloons in comical cat, bat and spider shapes. Cutout assortments such as Ghost felt cutouts or the funny Gruesome Group glitter cutouts strike the right mood and adorn walls, windows and tables affordably.

Select Universal Symbols of the Holiday
Besides haunted buildings, many Halloween storybooks contain a spooky tree or haunted forest. Plant 6- or 8-foot 3D Spooky Tree standees or a big ol’ Spooky Balloon Tree in the middle of the party room and get ready for the screams – of delight! These stand-alone pieces are real showstoppers and perfect for children old enough to appreciate them to look at but not to climb.

Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns rule the day, er, night in a storybook land. The personalized Pumpkin yard sign, Jack-o-Lantern lighted corex standee and Scary Silhouettes party pack are just a few of your Halloween decoration pumpkin options.

To recreate Five Pesky Pumpkins or other storybook jack-o-lantern characters, just use a permanent marker to draw and color in the same faces and expressions from the book illustrations onto inflated orange latex balloons.

Make plenty to use as storybook Halloween decorations and extras for balloon games. Add our Radiant LED balloon lights to the decorative balloon faces for added interest.

For decorations and other products with owls on them, take a look at our Creepy Owl or more unconventional Hippie Chick Owl designs.

Think Hands-On
Halloween-themed piñatas, ball-toss games, fun photo stand-ins and similar items will serve you well as items for storybook décor as well as child’s play. Find these products and more in Halloween Activities.

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