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Being in the party business for as long as the internet has been around, we here at Shindigz have seen our fair share of party blogs. There is an endless online concoction of ideas, planning, directories and services of all things party related. The blog you’re reading right now serves to simplify the hunt and provide all this information in one simple and easy location. It was recently brought to our attention that we have some competition!

Keep your enemies close, right? Not exactly. When we had the opportunity to welcome Party and Event Guide into our Shindigz affiliate program, we were impressed right off the bat (and we ARE the party experts so impressing us is no easy feat)! The gang over at Party and Event Guide have a nicely designed page with easy navigation and some very cool features.  From party ideas and real party photos to a complete vendor guide and a weekly featured theme, among other visually stimulating goodies. We would like to focus today’s blog post on two specific features of Party and Event Guide that really set it apart.

First is the Party Forum. This page of their blog allows users to post their own party ideas, questions, tips and suggestions.  As of right now, the forum is separated out by state allowing users to geo-target fellow partiers and network in a way that allows for more relevant answers and suggestions. We have a feeling this feature of their blog will branch out into many other topics and categories and will eventually be a very useful party resource. We encourage you to visit this page and begin posting your party questions, ideas and tips!

The other part of Party and Event Guide that we find to be a very nice tool is their “drinks” tab. It’s a bartender’s dream come true. Even more, it’s a party hosts dream come true! There’s always that one party guest who tries to impress the others by ordering some off-the-wall drink that no one (including the bartender) has ever heard of.  As a party host, you’ll be on top of the order with this extensive and detailed drink directory.  With literally hundreds of drinks in the directory categorized by spirit of choice, you’ll be mixing up drinks like a pro before happy hour.

Party and Event Guide truly is a one stop party blog. Users can even submit their own parties or drink recipes to be featured on the site! But fair warning: Party and Event Guide is very visual with very bright and colorful pictures so not just any boring old party will do! The standards of their featured parties are much like the standards of their site: Top Notch.


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