Decorate Your Winter Wedding Like a Pro

Traditional or trendy, you can decorate your winter wedding like a pro with the right color scheme, attention to design, and key wedding party supplies and products.

Give White a Green Light
White can help you incorporate a holiday, season or special wedding theme. Though it is a tradition to use white at weddings, the right accent color can give you a twist on that tradition with a modern, chic look.

Lots and lots of white will look ethereal, dreamy. Use a bit of pastel blue or lavender, or a metallic, as an accent to keep the effect of floating on a cloud for a fairytale theme such as Castle in the Sky or wintry Ice Castle. You can also use your non-white accents to highlight focal points at your wedding or reception.

Alternatively you can pair white with stronger colors as contrast, a visual surprise. We like a cranberry and a citrus green as a modern salute to the holiday season, or to use white along with the still-trendy brown-and-blue winter scheme.

Vary a very white look by introducing contrasting sizes, shapes and textures in decorations, and consider a symbol or emblem of your winter wedding, such as a snowflake or seasonal flower.

Achieve a Professional Look with Fabulous Fabrics
Start by utilizing the room-softening properties of decorating fabrics by draping and covering large areas such as walls, ceilings and tables. We especially like gossamer for its value, its perkiness in bows, and its overall versatility and for this purpose suggest a peek at a snowflake gossamer. Shimmera, taffeta and chiffon will give you iridescence, shine or glitter. Whatever your choice, decorating fabrics will lend elegance to the venue.

Wind fabrics around balusters, arches, canopies and other large decorating pieces. Cut them into table runners and create expensive-looking centerpiece arrangements by first wrapping ordinary glass canning jars (or other cheap but sturdy containers) in pouches made of a posh fabric.

Bring it Home with a Nod to Mother Nature
Remember the contrasting shapes and textures we mentioned above? There’s no better way to introduce them into your elegant wedding party decorations than with organic and outdoor forms.

For large decorations with height, select trees and boughs. Christmas trees, willow branches bundled snugly with strong raffia or twine, or one of our own 7-foot LED lit winter tree decorations create instant focal points, especially when used in groupings or rows.

Decorate canopies with lots of natural twig garland, and use seasonal fruits and flowers (cranberries, amaryllis, paper whites) on tables. Shimmering twine LED lanterns intriguingly combine the rustic with the ultra modern; hang them over tables or use them in centerpieces with a sprig of holly or other greenery and a handful of pine cones.

More Decorating Quick Tips

  • Check out the white, blue and gold of the Dream Come True decorations and the Mr. & Mrs. collection in brown, blue and white for a winter palette

  • Bring pastel blue accents to a white palette with LED lighting options

  • White Party collection banners, invitations and wedding party favors bring an easy elegance to a white-on-white winter wedding look

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