Reunion Decorating Ideas

Personalized Disco ArchWhile we may concede that there is such a thing as the end of an era, it doesn’t mean we can’t revive it from time to time just for fun! This is especially true when you’re talking about shared experiences and planning reunions of any type.

Start your search for the perfect reunion decorations with a school yearbook or photo albums. What was particularly memorable? Was your basketball team the best in the state during your senior year? Has your family or class shared a favorite hangout or trip? Themed decorations can help you recreate the setting, from beachfront to big city lights.

If your group is too big for universally-shared memories, just change your focus a little. In that case, go with a theme that reflects the larger culture of your favorite time, for example taking inspiration from the most popular movie or song of the senior year. (Was a cool James Bond film released that year? See our Casino theme decorations and Madison Avenue party supplies for classic Bond settings and giant martinis!)

Other theme decorating ideas:

  • Go retro! Decorate for the decade you grew up in, such as 60s flower power or the 70s disco scene.
  • Use party decorations in your school colors
  • Tailor decorations to reunion activities; for example, if home movies will be a big feature during the get-together, you might select a movie theme

Reunion Party Supplies Must-Haves
Theme decorations kit: Free-standing large theme pieces give kapow to your entrances, divide spaces in a stylish way, and set the scene for photographs. Also visit the Table Settings page in the Tableware department for ideas on bringing your theme to your tables.

Life-sized cutouts: Are you spotlighting certain family members, former classmates or other reunion group members for special recognition? Pull photos of the ways you like to fondly remember them for life-sized cutouts to place near entrance, stage or podium. (It can be even more fun to select people randomly.)

Fabulous Favors: Customize key tags or photo buttons for a unique keepsake from the reunion.

Reunion Party Supplies Special Tip
Reunion parties can be a little different from other parties in that the planners will probably want to include displays. Newspaper clippings, family tree diagrams, photographs of members who have passed, even time capsule contents might be artifacts to share with the rest of the group.

At the very least, you’ll need a table or two near the entrance for name tags (if needed), yearbooks or photo albums, mailing list signups and so forth. Be sure to plan early on for incorporating theme colors and elements (table covers, balloon bouquets, centerpieces) into displays — they’re too important not to!

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