Our Favorite Movie Theme Parties

Movie theme parties are a breeze to plan because you can easily dress them up or down, and make them any size at all. Here are a few of our favorite theme ideas for movie theme parties.

Movie Theme for a Milestone Party
Theme ideas: “A Star Power Party for Susie,” “Joan is the Leading Lady”

Put your favorite diva under the spotlight for a milestone event using movie party supplies. Decorate:

  • Personalize a “Now Showing” theater marquee banner for the entrance to a baby shower

  • Set up a Walk of Fame™ star for a graduate or new retiree

  • Surround the entrance of a Sweet 16 or other milestone birthday party with paparazzi silhouettes

Purchase a tiara for the guest of honor, and plant a “Celebrity Limo Parking” yard sign near the driveway entrance.

Family Movie Night/Afternoon for School
Theme ideas: “Family Night at the Movies,” “The Not-So-Late Show,” “Mid-Term Matinee”

We like lots of kid-pleasing primary colors for this movie theme event. Try an eye-popping, reusable popcorn arch from Hollywood Entrances at the doorway. Provide red-and-white striped popcorn bags for treats and a roll of tickets as snack tokens – and oh, yes: be sure to stock up on fundraiser candy.

Movie Theme Premier Fundraiser
Theme ideas: “Red Carpet Affair,” “When the Stars Come Out”

Picture it: a twilit Hollywood Hills backdrop, exotic palm trees, long aisle runner and stars of gold and silver: a perfect red carpet entrance!

Customize Ticket to the Stars or Shimmering Stardom invitations and mix movie party supplies with Hollywood theme decorations to set the stage for glamour.

Marathon Movie Night Get Together
Theme ideas: Take your cue from the movie series you plan to show; add “Movie Marathon” to the title.

Make a movie theater out of your media room with movie night cutouts, popcorn plastic boxes and strategically placed decorative filmstrip. Then, “raid” party decorations that best go with your movie marathon: pirate party supplies for Pirates of the Caribbean, Halloween decorations for horror flicks, and so on.

Check the Standups department for cardboard cutouts of characters and celebrities that match your movie marathon. We have Disney™ to Star Wars™, Sinatra to Elvis, Harry Potter to the Wizard of Oz and more.

Movie Theme for a Dance
Theme ideas: “Reel Romance,” “Hollywood Dreams”

Reinvigorate a fall formal with a movie theme. The movie premier idea would work here, and so would building a movie set! Use a movie camera prop and a Tinseltown lighted 3D clapboard as entrance pieces or photo setting for this theme.

Place movie camera piñatas as centerpieces and Hollywood clapboard tin boxes filled with edible favors on tables.

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