Don’t Be Mad. Host a Mad Men Party!

Mad Men Madison Avenue party supplies and decorations
Host a Mad Men Party with 60’s-styled Madison Avenue party supplies and decorations.

If you’re a “Maddict” (i.e., Mad Men AMC TV show addict), the delay for the Emmy Award-winning season 5 is probably too much to bear. While you wait for the new episodes to begin, pour some delicious martinis or old fashioneds and host a Mad Men party. Just channel one of the Mad Men rules of the show, which is “Live like there’s no tomorrow,” and send out Madison Avenue invitations to everyone you know. Don’t pass up an opportunity to socialize like you’re in the 60’s!

Host a Mad Men Party Ideas
• Decorate with Madison Avenue party supplies like the fabulous modern martini standees and Madison Avenue columns. Swag some rich jewel-tone gossamer in red and black to create a luxurious background for hosting your Mad Men party.
• Decorate your Mad Men party tables with cigarette cardboard centerpieces and Madison Avenue tableware. Serve drinks with Madison Avenue martini ceramic coasters and offer 60’s-styled mint tin Madison Avenue favors.
• Add some decorative lighting with white beaded party chandeliers.

Perfect Accents for Hosting a Mad Men Party
Invite your guests to dress up in a suit and skinny tie styled after Mad Men characters like Don Draper or a dress in the fashion of Betty Francis or Joan Harris. Pass out candy cigarettes to everyone with their fancy drinks!

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