Wow Your Guests! Maya Kalman’s Theme Party Tips

Maya Kalman’s Theme Party Favorites

She’s a theme party go-getter. Just read expert party planner, Maya Kalman’s ideas on the Swanky Planner and you’ll see why Manhattan’s award-winning Swank Productions puts the pep into plain.

When Kalman plans theme parties, she considers how guests view each event and she aims to impress.

“We never do the same event twice. Even if a client enjoys the look of a past theme, we change it up for new events.”

Kalman particularly enjoys Alice in Wonderland parties. “We’ve planned fundraisers, Bar Mitzvahs, and even the launching of a tea company with inspiration from the Mad Hatter theme.”

Moroccan, Arabian Nights, and Egyptian theme parties are also very popular. “We attack design from a different perspective. We consider all the things you might need for the theme party and then creatively find new twists on those items.”

Turn Party Essentials into Theme Motifs

Kalman suggests theme party planners “consider the wow factor and the experience of guests.  Shindigz offers so many great products to help you do that.”

With the Alice in Wonderland theme, you might need place cards. Add names to the backs of playing cards. If you want an ice bucket on the table, turn a top hat upside down and fashion it into an ice bucket. Think creatively with the staples.

Super-size or Minimize Theme Party Supplies
“Another trick we love is to make items really, really huge. We’ve used Shindigz cardboard cutouts to wow guests at entrances. You can do the same. We also like products that are really, really small, like a set of miniature teacups.” A tea cupcakes mold set could even be fun for presenting home-baked muffins during a morning meeting. “Whatever gets guests talking is successful.”

Play with your Theme Party or Consider the Help of a Planner
The opportunities are endless when creating memorable theme parties. Explore your options to dress up the ordinary.   “Remember the wow factor,” encourages Maya Kalman and “your theme party will create lasting memories!”  Tell us your favorite party themes and successful uses for props and products.

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